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June 15, 2018
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School’s Out for the Summer!

Students will soon be out for summer vacation, and there will be lots of activities competing for their school-free hours. Unfortunately, kids might not make reading a high priority when they have all that time to spend at the park or traveling with their family or friends. But one of the most convenient, inexpensive, and rewarding summer pastimes is right at hand—reading a book! And, it may help your child avoid the “summer slump,” that very real drop in academic skills that some children experience during the long summer vacation in the United States.

Countless entertaining and informative books are available for young readers that match their individual interests or just offer opportunities to pass the time with an exciting story. If parents and teachers encourage their young readers to make a quick trip to the library or a bookstore, the boys and girls will discover a world sure to entertain, amuse, and excite.

Kids who like to watch or play sports have a feast of books aimed directly at them, like biographies of sports heroes and books that explain essential points about a sport in easy-to-absorb language. There are books that cater to a young reader’s love of rock music and fast cars. Kids can increase the pleasure of a visit to a national park or a zoo by reading books about the wild animals that live there, from bison to killer whales. How about books about robots that explain how they work?

Best of all, as they dip into this infinity of good books published just for them, young readers will preserve or even increase the reading skills they learned during the school year, as well as having a great time in the process.

Image Credit: © Juriah Mosin, Shutterstock

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