Teacher Appreciation Week—Day 4
May 10, 2018
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May 12, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Week—Day 5

This week we’ve been celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, which was established by the National PTA in 1984. I asked my World Book colleagues what they appreciated about favorite teachers they have had. Below is the last of several memories that our editors, researchers, and graphic designers shared.

  • My 3rd-grade teacher, Ms. Glorioso, helped my family recognize a problem that needed attention. I had begun to complain to my mother that the teacher wasn’t cleaning the blackboard well enough at the front of the classroom. I told Mom that whenever the teacher wrote something on the board, the characters blended in so much with the chalky background that they were practically unreadable. I imagined that a thick coat of chalk dust had accumulated on the surface of the board. After a couple of weeks of my complaints, Mom spoke with Ms. Glorioso. The teacher promised to try to keep the blackboard free of dust, but also suggested that Mom might want to take me to the optometrist for an eye exam. Mom took Ms. G’s advice, and the optometrist found I had become quite nearsighted. After eyeglasses arrived a week or so later, I could see Ms. Glorioso’s blackboard perfectly. In fact, I recall announcing to Mom, with amazement, that I could now see individual leaves in the trees, something I had assumed was impossible for a person to do. For me, the world had become a much more beautiful and interesting place, thanks to a simple and smart suggestion from Ms. G.

Did you see a theme among all these memories? I think it’s this: students appreciate teachers who make them feel accepted for who they are, but also teach them how to become even better. Thank you to all our teachers!

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